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As one of the largest cities in Texas, San Antonio has a population of over 1.4 million people, and most of residents drive a non-commercial vehicle. If a passenger car or SUV is involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle such as a bus, semi truck, 18-wheeler, tractor trailer, or big rig, the outcome can be devastating. For example, a commercial trucking company employs truckers who drive heavily laden commercial vehicles like a semi truck, 18-wheeler, or tractor trailer, which can weigh in at around 70,000 pounds.truck accident lawyers

When a big rig is moving down a road or highway at high speeds, it is nearly unstoppable and can easily turn a motorist’s everyday commute into a lethal situation. Although a passenger car is lightweight, in comparison, and can easily maneuver in and out of lanes on highways, it is no match for a large commercial truck. If the two vehicles are unable to avoid a collision, the driver of the passenger car will be lucky to escape with their life.

Fact: The length of time to stop an eighteen wheeler is on average 40% greater than the time required to stop an automobile, depending on the weight of their load, whether they are bob-tailing, road conditions, and a number of other factors. Moreover, 18-wheeler trucks only have 10 brakes, not 18, as many people think. On a more positive note, trucks manufactured today are required to have anti-lock brakes.

Common Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

By law, truck drivers must possess a Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL) and limit the number of hours they drive during a given day. This law is intended to prevent truck drivers from becoming fatigued during long drives without adequate breaks or rest. Truckers must also avoid aggressive driving behavior, follow posted speed limits, properly maintain and inspect their truck, and yield to other vehicles on the road. If the truck driver decides to take shortcuts and avoid safety precautions, then it is likely that a major truck accident will transpire, in which the truck driver will be found negligent. If you find yourself a victim of a truck accident, you should contact a qualified truck accident lawyer or attorney immediately. More on this website
A Truck Collision Lawyer can help you prove that the truck accident you were involved in was in fact due to the trucker’s negligence and that you are entitled to monetary damages. Contact a Truck Accident Attorney today for a full explanation of your legal rights.

Trucking Accident Attorneys – 18 Wheeler Accidents Law

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