Trucking Accident Attorneys – 18 Wheeler Accidents Law

Trucking Accident Attorneys – 18 Wheeler Accidents Law

As one of the largest cities in Texas, San Antonio has a population of over 1.4 million people, and most of residents drive a non-commercial vehicle. If a passenger car or SUV is involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle such as a bus, semi truck, 18-wheeler, tractor trailer, or big rig, the outcome can be devastating. For example, a commercial trucking company employs truckers who drive heavily laden commercial vehicles like a semi truck, 18-wheeler, or tractor trailer, which can weigh in at around 70,000 pounds.truck accident lawyers

When a big rig is moving down a road or highway at high speeds, it is nearly unstoppable and can easily turn a motorist’s everyday commute into a lethal situation. Although a passenger car is lightweight, in comparison, and can easily maneuver in and out of lanes on highways, it is no match for a large commercial truck. If the two vehicles are unable to avoid a collision, the driver of the passenger car will be lucky to escape with their life.

Fact: The length of time to stop an eighteen wheeler is on average 40% greater than the time required to stop an automobile, depending on the weight of their load, whether they are bob-tailing, road conditions, and a number of other factors. Moreover, 18-wheeler trucks only have 10 brakes, not 18, as many people think. On a more positive note, trucks manufactured today are required to have anti-lock brakes.

Common Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

By law, truck drivers must possess a Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL) and limit the number of hours they drive during a given day. This law is intended to prevent truck drivers from becoming fatigued during long drives without adequate breaks or rest. Truckers must also avoid aggressive driving behavior, follow posted speed limits, properly maintain and inspect their truck, and yield to other vehicles on the road. If the truck driver decides to take shortcuts and avoid safety precautions, then it is likely that a major truck accident will transpire, in which the truck driver will be found negligent. If you find yourself a victim of a truck accident, you should contact a qualified truck accident lawyer or attorney immediately. More on this website
A Truck Collision Lawyer can help you prove that the truck accident you were involved in was in fact due to the trucker’s negligence and that you are entitled to monetary damages. Contact a Truck Accident Attorney today for a full explanation of your legal rights.

Alcohol And Speeding Are Frequent Causes Of Accidents

While it is common knowledge that alcohol and speeding are frequent causes of accidents, another type of danger to be wary of on the road is the inattentive or distracted driver. Whether talking to a passenger, using a cell phone, changing the radio or eating, a distracted driver will most likely be unable to react properly to a given situation. A sudden stop, an adjacent accident or even an animal crossing the road, while normally avoidable, could lead to serious injury or even death as a direct result of an inattentive driver’s negligence. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that at least 25% of reported accidents result from some form of driver inattention. This means that inattentive or distracted drivers are responsible for more than 1.5 million collisions per year!drunk driving accidents

Driver distraction is a form of inattention caused by some triggering event which redirects the driver’s attention away from the road to something either inside or outside of the vehicle. This triggering event is what distinguishes a distracted driver from one who is merely inattentive or not paying attention. A distraction can visually, mentally or even manually distract you by causing you to temporarily remove your hands from the steering wheel. For example, eating would be considered a manual and visual distraction while text messaging would be considered a complete manual, visual and cognitive distraction because a person sending a text must utilize their hands, eyes and mind in order to do so. Text messaging is considered one of the newest and most dangerous distractions to come along so far. According to the USA Today, the use of text messaging in the United States increased dramatically. These numbers have continued to rise exponentially every year. Statistically, text messaging tends to be most popular among young people. Young drivers, between 16 and 24 years of age, are often the worst offenders when it comes to driving while texting, or DWT as it has come to be called. In fact, a researcher from the University of Utah reported that a staggering 70% of minors surveyed admitted to texting while driving.

According to the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), a Washington D.C. based group, found that 94% of all drivers admitted to engaging in activity that could have potentially been distracting; including interacting with passengers, talking on a cell phone and changing the radio station. Further, this distracted driver phenomenon extends not only to private individuals but to drivers of commercial or work vehicles. NETS conducted a phone survey that indicated 39% of all engagement in potentially distracting behavior took place while the drivers were on the job. Generally, whether texting or talking, cell phone use while driving is a very common cause of accidents. According to a Harvard study, cell phone users are nearly 5 times more likely to be involved in car accidents than those who did not use the device.accident injury lawyers - victims of drunk driving

In conclusion, it is important to avoid distractions whenever possible. Always maintain focus and pay undivided attention to the road. Avoid interacting with passengers, keep your eyes on the road and keep both hands on the wheel. In addition, do not drive while tired, upset or intoxicated in any way. If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident, contact our experienced Houston car accident lawyers for a free consultation by phone. Our trial attorneys look forward to aggressively representing you in your auto accident claim.

Texas Premises Liability Claims Attorney

Premises liability claims are typically filed as a result of someone being injured while on another person’s property. By law it is up to the property owner or tenant to be sure that conditions are safe on their premises before inviting one onto their property. One of the most popular problems seen in premises liability claims are slips and falls. This can be as a result of ice which has accumulated on the steps, uneven floorboards, or even because of something which has been left lying in a dangerous spot. In addition, other hazards such as faulty gas lines which end in an explosion or fire and a number of other things can happen while you are visiting the home or business of a person or organization.personal injury attorneys
There may be some situations that could be deemed truly accidental and no fault found. The only way to know if this is the case is to contact a good personal injury attorney and go over the facts and documentation of the case. For example, each state and jurisdiction has a different set of laws regarding premises liability claims. Without a lawyer who knows the law and can help you determine whether or not you have a strong case, you will be left guessing and not having a clue as to what your rights are.
Generally speaking, the law states that a person must be on the premises with the permission and knowledge of the property owner, such as in the case of an invitee or licensee, in order to file a claim. However, a person who has illegally trespassed on the property and incurred injuries may not have a case for compensation. With that being said there are also stipulations and exceptions even with trespassers. For instance, in situations in which the owner might have had previous knowledge that trespassers could easily enter their property, or who have had the occasion of trespassers more than once, there may be a chance for compensation.premise liability attorneys
Each case is different and that is why it is important to seek legal advice from a team of attorneys who deal with this sort of thing on a daily basis. We at our law firm believe that we are more than capable of handling any case involving premises liability claims. Call us today to set up a consultation with one of our attorneys if you or someone you loved have been hurt while on someone else’s property.